Welcome to Atlas Homes and Property Maintenance where we provide our steady workflow of clientele with the best of the best in property maintenance. We have a wealth of over 10 years’ experience within this field as we are totally dedicated to providing a quality and cost-effective property maintenance that you can count on. Therefore, it would be a no brainer to give us a call up and see what we can do to your property to exceed your expectations and make your property a dream come true for you and your tenants.


As you might be able to derive from our website, we always strive to make our customers feel like they’ve had a quality service which they can guarantee will last a lifetime. We are able to install and repair just about anything you can think of within your home or rented property because that is what great property maintenance is all about. Furthermore, we first discuss with you the best date and time for us to discuss the requirements that we will need that is suited around your development area. If you’re a landlord then you can expect our planned maintenance to be precise and comprehensive to the point where we hope that you will use us for our property maintenance services again.


Here at Atlas Homes and Property Maintenance you can be rest assured that all of our skilled tradesmen are employed by us and are not subcontractors unlike most companies within the area. This proves how professional and fully trained we are as a business as we offer a range of services in this sector. All of our outstanding employees are fully qualified to provide you with the repairs and refurbishments that you may require. At the end of the day you won’t get this kind of quality service just anywhere as this is the forefront of our business which of course is to deliver the best property maintenance that you could ever wish for. As a well-established company we understand the importance of having responsive customer care, as this is the key drive which enables us to deliver the best property maintenance services that you could ever imagine. These of course can include things like central heating repair and any other refurbishment projects that you might wish to put by our experience managers.


If you’re interested in our property management services then please give us a call on 02921690018 and one of our specialist tradesmen can provide you with a bespoke experience tailored for your property. We provide a number of residential and commercial property maintenance services that we know are the best of the best within this sector. If you wish to learn more about us then please visit our page where you can learn more about the efficiency that we provide to any of our clientele within the surrounding areas that we cover.


We provide services in the following areas.

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